*BREAKING* FIFA 20: Pre-Season Promo REVEALED: UCL & UEL Road to the Final, Best of, TOTW 43 items, SBCs, Loading Screen, News & more

It’s time to warm up, Pre-Season is coming.

We believe that this promo could be the last of FIFA 20, and is set to get us ready for FIFA 21.

How does Pre-Season impact FIFA 21?

The Pre-Season promo will allow FIFA 20 players the opportunity to get a head start on their FUT 21 club by earning rewards that will help you get started when the game drops on October 9th!

Completing selected Objectives and SBC’s will allow users to unlock the following FUT 21 items:

  • x2 Coin boosts (5 games x 500 coins)
  • FUT 20 Icon Home Kit
  • FUT 20 Future Stars Kit
  • Anchor Chemistry Style
  • Engine Chemistry Style

These items will become available during the first two and a half weeks of Pre-Season, with plenty more to follow!

Top Transfers

It is a Pre-Season promo after all!

A selection of the most exciting moves of the summer will be showcased in FIFA 20, with special items released honouring those big money moves after they make the switch to their new club!

Halftime SBCs

We’ve not seen this before!

During the halftime breaks of select Champions and Europa League matches, EA will be releasing limited-time puzzle SBC’s into FIFA 20.

The rewards for these SBC’s haven’t been revealed, but we’re hoping for some big packs!

Champions League Showdowns

The Summer Heat Showdown campaign went down a treat during EA’s last promo and it’ll return in this Pre-Season promo.

FUT players will get the choice of one player from one team in a real-life UCL match or a player from the opposing side.

The player from the winning side IRL will receive a +3 upgrade to an already boosted special card!

RTTF Tournament Boosts

It’s been a frustrating time for those of you who kept hold of those RTTF cards despite the long delay on resumption of the elite European competitions.

Well EA have rewarded you for your patience! Any existing RTTF items from teams still competing in the Champions or Europa League will receive a +3 OVR ratings boost.

These cards are still eligible for further upgrades depending on how far their teams progress in their respective competition.

No new cards

The Pre-Season promo will be focusing on content that is already in-game, meaning that there will be no new squad arriving.

RTTF Valverde! Real Madrid’s Uruguayan midfielder is available now!

There will be new cards arriving via SBC’s and Objectives, but these will be part of the pre-existing Road to the Final promo, rather than brand new cards.

What is Pre-Season?

It may well be the last promo of FIFA 20, but Pre-Season is finally here!

The promo will reignite interest in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League Road to the Final cards, with the competitions set to get back underway next month.

There will be upgrades to the UCL and UEL special items that are still competing in the tournaments, whilst there will be new Road to the Final cards to come via both Season Objectives and SBC’s

The promo focuses on current FIFA 20 players ending FIFA 20 in ‘the right way’ whilst also getting a head start on FUT 21!

Two Pre-Season players in final TOTW!

EA has confirmed TOTW 43 is the final Team of the Week for FIFA 20.

In there, however, were two unexpected arrivals. 95-rated TOTY Alexander-Arnold and 99-rated TOTSSF Kevin De Bruyne.

HE’S BACK – Trent’s 95 TOTY card returns as part of TOTW 43

This is part of “today’s ‘Best Of’ batch release” which is expected to come in the Pre-Season promo!

So get ready for some insane cards returning in this promo!

Loading Screen

The Pre-Season Promo loading screen has already dropped in Ultimate Team and it gives away a few clues.

LOOKS FAMILIAR: The Pre-Season promo looks similar to the FIFA 21 Cover Art

The standout feature is the TOTSSF and TOTY cards that are displayed, suggesting that we could see a mixture of returning and new FUT cards with the new promo.

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However, many eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the promo’s artwork bears a resemblance with the new FIFA 21 cover art.

Could this mean that the Pre-Season promo will feature rewards for FIFA 21, as well as FIFA 20?

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