*BREAKING* Madden 21 Ultimate Team: Card art, EA Play, Ability Cap, MUT Master, Captains, Programs & more

At last we have some concrete Ultimate Team news for Madden 21!

Let’s break down the latest Gridiron Notes and what it all means for MUT players this year.

MUT card art

The card art has had a big revamp this year.

IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW: New players should have a better understanding of each card this year

With more information than ever, the cards have been cleaned up so that archetypes, X-Factors, Abilities, and Chemistries are clear and obvious to everyone.

Ability Caps

The newest strategy to Madden 21 is all about Ability points, which in Ultimate Team means there is an Ability Cap!

ABILITY POINTS: Managing these will be crucial to creating the best lineup

Rather than having to choose who to assign Abilities to, you’ll be able to break up the Abilities and assign more than three players on each side of the ball. To balance out each Ability will cost points, and you’ll have an Ability Cap for how much you can spend across your lineup.

So you can stack loads of Abilities on one player, you could give every receiver different ones and keep your opponent guessing.

For example, for an Improvisor QB Redzone Deadeye is 1AP but Escape Artist is 3 AP. Hot Route Master is 2 AP for a Field General, but 4 AP for a Scrambling QB…

X-Factors will cost 0 AP though, so don’t sweat those!

At launch the Ability Cap will be 10, but this could easily get balanced during the year.

Fifth ability slot for 99 OVR

This won’t come into play until later in the MUT cycle, but 99 OVR players will now have a fifth Ability slot.

Given the new cap situation that might not matter much, but be ready for when the meta gets figured out!

Rivalz, NFL Epics, & Day 1 content

The opening programs of Ultimate Team have been confirmed.

Rivalz won’t be very challenging for veterans but comes with the reward of an 85 OVR Ben Roethlisberger, Jalen Smtih, or Zach Ertz.

NFL Epics has four 85 OVR players this year! With Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Peterson, Jack Youngblood, and Ronnie Lott all available!

Team Diamonds is back with 32 new fan favorite players, while Team Builders will be key to all your theme teams.

MUT Captains

The four players have been announced!

Eddie George, Aeneas Williams, La’Roi Glover, and Ed McCaffrey are yours to choose from.

MUT Master & Level Master

These two have also been revealed!

The MUT Master will be ex-Panthers player and coach Sam Mills.

Meanwhile, Andre Johnson gets the Level Master spot!

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