F1 2020 Game: Update 1.10 Patch Notes – Hotfix for PC

Hot on the heels of an amazing Tuscan Grand Prix and patch 1.09 a hotfix for PC is here.

What has Codemasters fixed? Let’s have a look.

Update 1.10 Patch Notes

Codemasters is yet to upload the patch notes for Update 1.10 on their usual page.

BUT WHAT IS IT: Codies aren’t saying yet

At just 503 MB it’s not a massive update, but maybe a touch bigger than you’d expect for a hotfix.

Hopefully it addresses the online multiplayer issues.

Podium Pass Season 2

The new season of Podium Pass has started!

Season 2 features 30 new levels with free and premium rewards.

These rewards include podium emotes, liveries, helmets, gloves, and suits.

The VIP Podium Pass will cost 9,000 PitCoins, with 10,000 PitCoins available as rewards it will pay for itself if you complete it!

COMING SOON: Racinggames.gg, the new home of motorsport gaming

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