Fall Guys Season 2 End Date: Predictions, Mobile, Gamescom, and more

Fall Guys is taking the world by storm, and there’s even more fun to be had in Season 2, but how long will it last, and will an end date be announced?

Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Fall Guys Season 2 End Date

At the moment, there is no official announcement of an end date for Season 2 of Fall Guys, however, we may hear something sooner than you might think.

GET READY! We should hear a ton of news on Season 2 in just days!

Gamescom is coming on 27 August, and the world is going to get their first look at Season 2, which means we could learn both a start and end date at the event.

Predictions based on Season 1

Most predictions tend to land on 6 October. This was indicated in the game itself via a ‘this many days left’ meter.

However, this doesn’t guarantee it’ll end on this date.

COMING CLOSER TO ‘FALL’ – Could we see a delayed Season 2?

We’ve seen with other popular titles such as Fortnite that their seasons have been extended, for various reasons.

Fall Guys popularity could even mean a slight delay to the Season 2 start, and end, date to accommodate its rapidly growing player base.

If so, it’ll certainly be worth the wait!

What else could we hear at Gamescom?

There are a few things we’ll likely see at the world premiere of Season 2 at Gamescom.

It was recently reported that there may be a mobile version of the game coming to China. The game could be in the works, so the ultimate announcement would be something similar, but for other countries too.

There’s also the possibility of new skins/costumes being unveiled. Who knows – maybe even a theme will be coming for the next season!

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Themes have become commonplace in popular titles such as PUBG or Fortnite, so we could expect to see something similar with Fall Guys Season 2.

What theme it could be is still very much wide open, as the costumes so far range from simple colour patterns, all the way to Gordon Freeman from Half-Life…complete with head-crab!

When will we hear more?

Tune into Gamescom on 27 August at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST during Opening night live, for more information!

For everything else on Fall Guys, be sure to check back in!

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