FIFA 21 Gamescom: What we want to see – Graphics, Gameplay, Trailer, Game Modes & more

After a relatively disappointing showing at EA Play, we want to see more of what FIFA 21 will offer when it is released.

Gamescom will begin on Thursday, 27 August and run through until the Sunday. Below we look at what we want to see during the event.


The biggest part of any FIFA game.

This year will be massive for EA with PS5 and Xbox Series X being released, so they need to make sure the gameplay on FIFA 21 is excellent.

MISS! Penalties should be much easier than they are on FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 certainly split opinion among the FIFA community and there are definitely areas of the gameplay that can be improved.

Penalties are probably the biggest aspect of the game that needs modifying, so let’s hope to see these changes at Gamescom!


Another hugely exciting aspect of the new game and Next Gen consoles.

We got a teaser of what the new game could look like at EA Play, but that is all it was.

BLINK AND YOU’LL MISS IT! We got a glimpse of FIFA 21, but from what we saw it will look incredible.

Hopefully at Gamescom we will see extended footage of the gameplay that demonstrate the graphics of FIFA 21.

This could potentially include the official trailer too!


Fingers crossed for the official trailer next month!

TEASER! This is all we have seen so far.

The EA Play teaser alongside Madden 21 whetted our appetites but we are certainly ready for more now.

The trailer could also reveal any new game modes, just as FIFA 20 did with Volta. A new game mode would really get fans excited.

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If the official trailer is unveiled, could we be shown the new cover star too?

Game Modes

Give us something EA!

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Whether it is new features on Career Mode, additions to Ultimate Team or a brand-new game mode altogether, we want to see it.

Career Mode fans are always clamouring for improvements. If EA can add to the improvements made last year, then the game mode could become great once again.

As much as we want to see it, it looks unlikely a new game mode will be announced. Adjustments could be made to Volta though, hopefully simplifying it in line with the original FIFA Street.

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