Football Manager 2021 PS4/PS5: Will managerial sim come to PlayStation?

Football is well underway and now we know Football Manager 2021 is coming!

With a confirmed release date and some big console news, Sony players will be desperate to know if FM21 is coming to PlayStation. We have the answers.

Football Manager 2021 on console

For the first time in over a decade, a Football Manager game will be coming to console.


Sports Interactive confirmed that FM21 will be available across the Xbox family of consoles, including next-gen.

So if it’s on Xbox, surely it’s on PlayStation too right?

FM21 not coming to PlayStation

Unfortunately not.

It’s an odd one, as no one really things FM is a “console exclusive” game. It turns out the story is a little more than that.

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It looks like Sony simply weren’t interested in having the game on their platform.

ASK AND THOU SHALL NOT RECEIVE: SI simply didn’t get a dev kit from Sony

Miles Jacobson, the studio director at Sports Interactive, explained it rather simply.

In order to make the game fit the console platfoms they needed a dev kit. Microsoft sent them to SI, but Sony did not.

FM21 release date & Early Access

Football Manager 2021 has a confirmed release date of 24 November.

Along with that date, those that pre-purchase on Steam or Epic Games Store can get Early Access.

Early Access (previously known as the beta) will start roughly two weeks before release date, so around 10 November.

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