Fortnite: Crash Site POI – Release Date, Mythic Weapon, Location, Images and More!

The release of Chapter 2 Season 3 of Fortnite was one of the best in qutie some time.

Now, with the release of patch V13.30 there appears to be more news about a possible brand new POI coming soon.

Although this POI is no the rumored Atlantis one, we still have an ample amount of information on it.

Here’s what we know!


Since the V13.30 patch released earlier today, some data miners were able to uncover some images of the Crash Site POI.

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Leaker FortTory posted some images of the new POI, check them out below!

Although this POI does not look massive compared to pre-existing ones, we believe it may have some goodies inside.

Mythic Weapon and Boss

Since this is going to be a brand new POI, many have noticed the color scheme of the spaceship matches one of the battle pass skins, Siona.

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One can assume Siona will be the boss at this POI, if Fortnite ever add one here.

As well, we do not have any details about a possible Mythic weapon being spawned here, but would not be surprised.

CRASH – Where could this ship come from?


HYPEX posted a skin leak about a possible Henchman design for this upcoming POI.

Check it out below!

SCARY – Wonder how strong these Henchman will be!

Release Date

We do not know when the Crash Site POI will be in the game yet.

We can assume when the water levels drop again, so there is a chance for this Friday!

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