Fortnite Patch v13.40: Release Date, Patch Notes, Weapons, Cars, Locations, Map Changes & more!

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is over halfway completed now, and we are almost at the season end somehow.

Although we have not had many patches this season, the ones we have had delivered an ample amount of content.

The next patch could be the last one before the new season as well!

Here’s everything you need to know!

Release Date

Epic tends to release patches for Fortnite once every two weeks or so.

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It appears they are taking a step back from patches this season, with only two so far; and not many queued up and ready to go.

So, with patch V13.40 in the works we can expect it to release sometime around August 4-11!

NEW FISH – Will the leaked fish be in this patch?

Patch Notes

By now, most of you are well aware that Epic does not like to release patch notes for whatever reason.

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Instead, we must rely on Epic Games creators to post the patch notes on Twitter the night before the update.

So, expect an array of patch notes from Twitter shortly before downtime begins.

New Weapons

This season has been lacking in new weapons more so then compared to previous ones.

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So, with a new patch in the works it is unknown if we are going to get any new weapons.

There is a chance we see the leaked ‘Dragon Shotgun’ that leaker HYPEX found in the files back in June.

SOON? Will this finally release?

New Locations

As the water continues to drop after the massive flood event, old locations are being uncovered.

This will give players more landing spots in-game modes like Arena, making the start of the match, less hectic.

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