Forza Motorsport: Forza Monthly, Trailer, release date, gameplay, updates, news, Xbox Series X, career mode, cars, tracks & more

The next Forza game has finally been revealed.

And it’ll be a game taking full advantage of the powerhouse Xbox Series X.

Forza Monthly

It was recently announced that there will be a monthly show, called Forza Monthly which began on 27 July!

HAPPY MONDAY! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us

Forza Motorsport Details

While the stream didn’t give us much for new details on Forza Motorsport, it did expand on the purpose of some of the new additions.

This included some insight behind ray-tracing which is coming soon, and its ability to massively improve player immersion.

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The stream reiterated that Forza Motorsport will be optimized for Xbox Series X, not just playable via forward compatibility.

That means it will take full advantage of the powerhouse next-gen console, bringing some never before seen graphical quality to the Forza series, and some incredibly fast loading times.

Forza Motorsport reveal

We knew an untitled Forza game is in development, and now it has a name – Forza Motorsport.

GET IN AND GO: The next Forza looks like a sim-style racer

With a very early look trailer, the game looks stunning already.


The Forza Motorsport trailer is here.

While it was a very brief look at Laguna Seca, the game looks promising already.

We’ve broken down the trailer in greater detail here.

Release date

Unfortunately, we shouldn’t expect Forza Motorsport any time soon.

Rumours have put the release at early 2021.

MYSTERY MAN: Will Forza’s career mode have more story or be pure driving?

Of course, that’s far from official. It could be ready for the Christmas game rush. Hopefully Turn 10 wait for it to be perfect though.

The expectation is that it won’t be out as a launch title for the Xbox Series X though.

What’s new?

Forza will be Microsoft’s competition for Gran Turismo 7 so surely it will have some new features, right?

According to leaks from @IdleSloth84, the new Forza will resemble that of a reboot/reimagining of the mainline Forza series. This will take it back to its more realistic and sim racing roots.

Here’s what the new game is rumoured to bring to it:

  • New tyre pressure model
  • Dynamic track temperatures
  • New atmosphere pressure system, affecting air density, dynamics, and power
  • Redesigned suspension system with new modeling
  • New ranked online system

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  • New integrated online Ghosting System
  • Tracks have full day and night cycles depending on race length/track
  • Rubber in on tracks
  • New heat interaction with tire pressure
  • Expanded race capacity
  • Off-road racing on land or gravel
  • Rally races will also be present
  • Clubs Return

Cars – Quality over quantity

Some racing games launch with hundreds of cars, only a handful of which are highly accurate and more than a few that feel completely wrong.

It seems that Forza will be going for the “less is more” option when it comes to cars that are available on launch.

DRIFTING: Precise car physics & handling will be key to Forza’s success

This is a good direction to go in.

As we’ve seen from games like Assetto Corsa Competizione, racing titles that focus in on a class or category tend to have a higher quality of driving experience than those that try to represent every car from the 1950s on.

Graphics, physics, & gameplay

Forza Motorsport 8 is expected to stay on the ForzaTech engine.

Of course, it will get an upgrade to take advantage of the amazing specs in the Xbox Series X.

The graphics are of course set to be stunning, but the weather model and day/night cycles will be amazing too.

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