HITMAN 3: Know the Cast, Gameplay, Fans, And Check Other Latest Details !!!

The eighth main installment of the Hitman series was announced on 11 June 2020 at the PlayStation 5 reveal event. Here’s what you can expect from the newest episode of the widely popular action-packed, stealth game.

Hitman 3 is solely developed and published by IO interactive and is going to be the third and final chapter in the World of Assassination trilogy. At the PlayStation game reveal event earlier this month, we got to see an upcoming game announcement trailer. However, the trailer didn’t show much apart from teasing a few new locations and confirming some returning and beloved characters like Agent 47. The trailer sure looks dope with some stunning visuals and great music.

In a recent episode of IOI monthly, streamed on Twitch, we got to see the community developer Clemens Koch and community manager Travis Barbour sit down to talk more about the game. Their walkthrough of what IO interactive has already revealed to us gave us better insight into what can be expected from the upcoming game. A few interesting details were also revealed during the episode.

HITMAN 3 Gameplay

This is the final installment of the World Of Assassination trilogy, and fans are expecting a dramatic conclusion. The gameplay will take players to exotic locations and adventures across the globe. Hitman 3 is scheduled to feature 6 different sandbox locations, Dubai is one of them. According to community leads, a segment of the game will involve players trying to surmount the tallest skyscraper in the world, while playing as the ruthless Agent 47. Dubai, the game’s starting location, is also the only location revealed by the developers.

The developers have also stressed heavily upon freedom of choice. Players can manipulate their gameplay on so many levels, from choosing their disguise, picking up items to use as weapons, or causing distractions. The game involves many locations to explore and puzzles to solve, with everything being encapsulated in a visually stunning experience.

For Die-hard HITMAN Fans

There’s also some good news for die-hard fans of the Hitman franchise. Players who own previous installments of the trilogy Hitman(2016) Hitman 2(2018) will be able to import maps, levels, and their progress directly into Hitman 3. The carried over progression will also include free items from Hitman 2.

The Cast And Other Details

The teaser has already revealed on the thing; Agent 47 is back! The ruthless professional will this time embark on a journey to eliminate the partners of Providence. The “Death Awaits” tagline ala emphasizes on a darker plot to be seen in the final chapter.

The main cast will include David Bateson as the voice actor for Agent 47; Jane Perry voices Diana Burnwood, John Hopkins for Lucas Grey, Philip Roach as the Constant and Isaura Barbe- Brown as Olivia Hall.

The game is set to release in January 2021 on PC X box series X, Xbox One, PS 4, and PS 5.

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