How to Organize a DIY Wine & Music Festival

A festival is an excellent time to get together and savor those moments with friends and loved ones. If planning a DIY wine and music festival, this is the best time to showcase your creativity and leave attendees yearning for more. However, DIY is not about doing this all alone. There are many other parties that you can engage in a more successful event.

Here’s how to go about it

Decide on the festival’s purpose

You can organize a festival for fun, but successful events are planned around a mission. Why are you planning a wine and music festival? Your response to this question determines the kind of guests and activities for the day. For instance, the Ruidosa festival was a traveling event highlighting Latinx women musicians with an emphasis on intersectionality.

Choose a lineup

Decide on multiple activities you want to include. If interested in headlining acts, book early to avoid disappointments. Also, start contacting local acts and create a list of backups. This will come in handy if some artist cancels their attendance. Borrow ideas from the Australian music festival, and incorporate fun activities for more thrill.

Budget for the event

Set a budget and think of ways to raise funds. Print tickets, T-shirts and get sponsors. If organizing a free event, look for a cheaper venue and look for donations to cater to the expenses. But ticketed events are easy to plan for, you can use the money collected from the sale of the tickets to pay up the fees.

Think of all the charges, attendance, and operational costs, and what you can pay the artists. Budget for everything, including the venue, bands, wines, and food and limit this to what you can afford.

Add extras- DJs, poets, vendors, and more

The number of bands and artists invited to determine how exciting the event will be. Invite extra elements like Disco to spice your day. Have an impressive mix of talent, including poets, performance artists, readings, varied lighting colors, and stage designs. Doing this right will draw a crowd of fans and their followers.

Choose the venue wisely!

Think of the expected number of fans and guests and choose a secure space to fit all. You need ample space for artists, live performers, vendors, and other activities and don’t want to squeeze your guests into a limited space. Local or community venues work best, and you must book early.

Market the event

Design a meeting strategy and start marketing the event. If you manage to get more fans and bands to pay up, the better. This will make it easier to cater to all the expenses. Think of an effective marketing strategy, print posters, and brochures, and anything else that will attract more attendees.

Moreover, hang them appropriately and hand out flyers at the right spots. Remember to use social media platforms to attract more people. Post on your Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn and share attention-grabbing images.

Final thoughts

Planning a DIY wine and music festival involves various steps. It’s quite overwhelming and time-consuming and requires a lot of planning. If you stay organized, you’ll likely have a successful and fun event. For excellent results, have a to-do-list, budget appropriately, and invite the right artists.

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