If You Also Want to Make Your Car Hi-Tech, Then Try These Implement !!!

We take care of the car to increase its lifespan. Apart from this, we can make the car high-tech and put four moons in it. The car can be made hi-tech with many things. Today we will tell you about the things through which you can modernize the car.

Air Purifier

It can be beneficial to install an air purifier in the car amid increasing pollution. After turning on the air purifier, you can feel the pure air in the car. There are many good air purifiers available in the market. You will get it within four thousand rupees.

Dash Camera

To make the car hi-tech, a dash camera can be installed in it. This camera is attached to the back of the recording. The dash camera is provided with a wide-angle. Its recording can be recorded on an SD card. These cameras support 32 GB Micro SD card. Their price ranges from three to three and a half thousand rupees.

Phone Mount

Most companies do not give any unique space on the phone to keep the phone in the car. Through the phone mount, you can easily keep the phone in the car. You can apply it on the windshield or dashboard in the car. They do not come too expensive. In this market, you will get between 300 and 500 rupees.

Multi-Port Charger

The multi-port charger is handy during long traveling in the car. Through this, you can charge two phones simultaneously. It supports Quick Charger 3.0. They can be bought in the market for up to 500 rupees.

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