Is this the best PS5 DualSense controller preview so far?

A recent tweet has just got PS5 fans even more excited about what to expect from the DualSense controller, with a hands-on preview that we’d argue is the best so far.

PS5 DualSense Controller hands-on

The tweet, from Geoff Keighley, shows him picking up the DualSense controller and explaining that he’ll be doing a hands-on with it tomorrow!

Lucky guy!

DON’T BREAK IT GEOFF! We’re not jealous, we swear

The DualSense controller has only really been seen in promo material for the PS5. Much like the PS5 itself, people are keen to see it in the flesh. Which makes us think about one other thing.

Could we find out more about the PS5 size?

We know the PS5 has been revealed already, but seemingly no one has seen what it looks like in the real world.

There have been numerous discussions about how big it is, however we haven’t had a concrete answer as to the dimensions just yet.

The best way to get a sense of how large the console will be is by seeing it in relation to its surroundings, with a real video.

TO SCALE? Many people still want to see the console in the flesh, to get confirmation

We don’t know just yet as to how likely it will be, but we’ve got our fingers crossed we’ll see more of the PS5 on show than ever before.

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