Madden 21 Franchise Relocation: Columbus team names, uniforms, & more

Madden 21 is here, which means its time to dive into Franchise Mode and create a dynasty.

If you want to be the hero of Ohio and bring long-suffering fans a Super Bowl it might be better to consider relocating to Columbus, OH to do it.

How to relocate to Columbus in Madden 21

If you want to relocate your franchise to Columbus then you’ll need to set up your league properly.

First, you’ll need to pick “Owner” as your role, and then you’ll need to go into league settings and select “All Users Only” under the relocation settings.

PICK ME: If this isn’t picked then you may not be able to relocate!

Then you are free to move.

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Once that’s done you can start your league. If you go to team -> My Owner -> Stadium you’ll find the option to relocate. Hit that and the process is underway!

Columbus in Madden 21

Columbus isn’t one of the most high profile relocation options in Madden 21.

The fanbase personality is front runner which means they need you to have high profile names and be a leading contender to come and support you, while the decent market size isn’t the biggest because you’re competing with two established teams.

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The 2/6 fan interest is another challenge, you will face an upward battle to make commercial deals and jersey sales – but everyone loves a winner, right?

This won’t be easy, but it will feel amazing to bring a Lombardi Trophy to Ohio.

Columbus team names & uniforms

You can always retain your old team nickname and uniforms, but where is the fun in that?

When you pick London for your relocation city you’ll have a trio of new nicknames to pick from.

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Each comes with three uniform choices too, but you can’t see those until after you pick a name. Never fear though, we have all the choices for you!


Not the colour scheme you would associate with planes, but we are glad they did because its ice cold!

With that logo comes a trio of black/white/blue uniform options.

All three are good options, but uniform #2 is our winner and actually showing how the Caroline Panthers could look!


As Columbus is actually the capital of Ohio this is quite a fitting name.

The red/white/blue is quite patriotic, but the uniform options are fairly similar.

#3 looks like it’s got spray painted shoulders so that has to go, and we are a sucker for blocked shoulder patterns so it has to be uniform #2.


Not the most intimidating option but might be for someone who wants something a bit different.

The red/white/yellow option is quite bold and the numbering patterns are modern.

Uniform #3 would be easy to spot in game and gives you something a bit different to the other options.

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