Madden 21 Franchise Relocation: Mexico City team names, uniforms, & more

Madden 21 is here, which means its time to dive into Franchise Mode and create a dynasty.

If you want to reach a whole new set of fans with untapped potential, look no further than Mexico City, Mexico.

How to relocate to Mexico City in Madden 21

If you want to relocate your franchise to Mexico City, you’ll need to set up your league properly.

First, you’ll need to pick “Owner” as your role, and then you’ll need to go into league settings and select “All Users Only” under the relocation settings.

PICK ME: If this isn’t picked then you may not be able to relocate!

Then you are free to move south of the border.

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Once that’s done you can start your league. If you go to team -> My Owner -> Stadium you’ll find the option to relocate. Hit that and the process is underway!

Mexico City in Madden 21

Mexico City is one of the most exciting relocation options in Madden 21.

The fanbase personality of hardcore which means they will be all in if you can get some early results, while the huge market size means you’ll get plenty of eyes on your team.

MEXICAN WAVE: Fans are hardcore south of the border

Despite the 5/6 fan interest being slightly below London, you will still get sellouts as well as selling lots of merchandise and jerseys.

Mexico City team names & uniforms

You can always retain your old team nickname and uniforms, but where is the fun in that?

When you pick Mexico City for your relocation city you’ll have two new nicknames to pick from.

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Each comes with three uniform choices too, but you can’t see those until after you pick a name. Never fear though, we have all the choices for you!


If you like a more intimidating logo then this could be your choice, the fans definitely prefer it.

With that logo comes a trio of Red/white/black uniform options.

Uniform #2 is our favorite here, with a modern and slick design. But #3 is pretty good too and similar to the Ohio State Buckeyes uniform in College Football.

Golden Eagles

If you want to keep the storied tradition of animal-related team names then this could be your choice.

The color mix of red/green/white is very striking and isn’t for the faint-hearted. But it’s a nice homage to the Aztec history of the region.

#1 is again the winner for us with the stripes across the shoulders, but #2 would also get a pass from us.

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