Madden 21 Franchise Relocation: Toronto team names, uniforms, & more

Madden 21 is here, which means its time to dive into Franchise Mode and create a dynasty.

Football is well loved north of the border in Canada, and the NBA and NHL have already proved it can work as the home of a franchise.

These are your options for moving to Toronto, Canada.

How to relocate to Toronto in Madden 21

If you want to relocate your franchise to Toronto then you’ll need to set up your league properly.

First, you’ll need to pick “Owner” as your role, and then you’ll need to go into league settings and select “All Users Only” under the relocation settings.

PICK ME: If this isn’t picked then you may not be able to relocate!

Then you are free to move.

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Once that’s done you can start your league. If you go to team -> My Owner -> Stadium you’ll find the option to relocate. Hit that and the process is underway!

Toronto in Madden 21

Toronto is another international relocation option in Madden 21.

The fanbase personality of loyal which means they will stick with you even if you struggle to win games, while the large market size means you’ll get a decent chance to have a big team.

OH CANADA!: Its a big market, but theres competition from other sports

The 3/6 fan interest isn’t the highest so you’ll have to be careful to manage the team’s commercial decisions.

Toronto team names & uniforms

You can always retain your old team nickname and uniforms, but where is the fun in that?

When you pick Toronto for your relocation city you’ll have a trio of new nicknames to pick from.

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Each comes with three uniform choices too, but you can’t see those until after you pick a name. Never fear though, we have all the choices for you!


The lowest fans interest, but we think its the coolest logo and colour set.

With that logo comes a trio of black/white/blue uniform options.

Uniform #3 is our clear favorite here, with a solid shoulder pattern and a cool mix of the blue with black and white in blocks.


A cliched choice of name for a Canadian team, but they can rival the Broncos for fastest team on four legs.

These uniforms are a little more traditional in design mixing navy/red/blue.

#3 is the winner for us with its simple blocked colours and basic design that could turn into a classic.


If you want to join the Falcons and Eagles with bird-related logos this could join them.

With a mix of red, white, and orange these uniforms look like the Cheifs on steroids.

We would run with #3, but the choice is all yours!

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