Madden 21 Ratings: Best offensive tackles (LT/RT) in Franchise Mode – Bakhtiari, Schwartz, Armstead & more

A great quarterback in Madden 21 is of no use if you can’t protect him.

That’s were elite offensive tackles come in. With so many amazing pass rushers in the NFL, you need two good tackles to block them. These are the best around.

How to choose the best offensive tackles (LT/RT) in Madden 21’s Franchise Mode

In this article we will be looking at the very best offensive tackles in Madden 21’s offline modes. That’s Franchise Mode and Face of the Franchise specifically.

We aren’t worried about age or contract status. It’s only the very best OVRs around that we care about here. Let’s dive in!

David Bakhtiari – 96 OVR

Team: Green Bay Packers

Position: LT

It’s not surprise to see the Packers man at the top of this list, though he does share the #1 spot this year.

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Bakhtiari has been either First- or Second-Team All-Pro the last four years and brings 91 strength, a position-best 98 pass block finesse, and 93 pass block power to the left tackle spot.

He’s got 91 impact block and 98 awareness too.

Mitchell Schwartz – 96 OVR

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Position: RT

Tying for the #1 spot is KC’s right tackle Mitchell Schwartz. The massive brick wall has been crushing pass rushers for years now.

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He has a position-best 98 pass block power and terrific 94 pass block finesse. He also has 88 strength and 98 awareness, together with an 86 impact block.

Terron Armstead – 95 OVR

Team: New Orleans Saints

Position: LT

Coming in at #3 is the ultra-athletic Terron Armstead. The Saints LT has 89 strength, 86 acceleration, and 80 speed to hustle around the field and pick up even the fastest edge rushers.

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He also has 96 pass block finesse, 95 pass block power, and 94 awareness. Armstead is also a better run blocker than the top two, with 90 run block finesse. If you are feeling tricky you can use him at TE thanks to his 65 catching too.

Ronnie Stanley – 93 OVR

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Position: LT

There is a little gap to #4, but Baltimore’s Ronnie Stanley is still a terrific player.

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His 91 strength goes well with his 95 pass block finesse, 92 pass block power, 94 run block finesse, and 89 run block power to make him a very well-rounded tackle.

Trent Williams – 92 OVR

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Position: LT

After a year out, Trent Williams has moved from Washington over to San Francisco and is still rated highly.

He is 90+ in every blocking stat – 94 impact block, 94 pass block power, 93 run block power, 91 pass block finesse, 91 lead block, and 90 run block power.

Williams also brings a massive 95 strength to the position.

Ryan Ramczyk – 91 OVR

Team: New Orleans Saints

Position: RT

The #6 on this list and #2 right tackle is Ryan Ramczyk. Paired with Armstead he gives the Saints an amazing pair of tackles to bookend their line.

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He has 93 pass block power, 91 pass block finesse, 91 run block finesse, and 90 run block power.

Tyron Smith – 91 OVR

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Position: LT

The last one on our list is Dallas’ Tyron Smith.

The Cowboys star has 92 run block finesse, 91 pass block power, 89 pass block finesse, and 89 run block power.

He’s also immensely strong with 96 strength.

All the best offensive tackles in Madden 21

Player Team Position OVR
David Bakhtiari Green Bay Packers LT 96
Mitchell Schwartz Kansas City Chiefs RT 96
Terron Armstead New Orleans Saints LT 95
Ronnie Stanley Baltimore Ravens LT 93
Trent Williams San Francisco 49ers LT 92
Ryan Ramczyk New Orleans Saints RT 91
Tyron Smith Dallas Cowboys LT 91
Lane Johnson Philadelphia Eagles RT 89
Brian Bulaga Los Angeles Chargers RT 88
La’el Collins Dallas Cowboys RT 87
Trent Brown Las Vegas Raiders RT 87
Andrew Whitworth Los Angeles Rams LT 86
Anthony Castonzo Indianapolis Colts LT 85
Laremy Tunsil Houston Texans LT 85
Mike McGlinchley San Francisco 49ers RT 85
Duane Brown Seattle Seahawks LT 84
Taylor Lewan Tennessee Titans LT 84
Orlando Brown Jr Baltimore Ravens RT 83
Alejandro Villaneuva Pittsburgh Steelers LT 82
Braden Smith Indianapolis Colts RT 82

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