Madden 21 Ratings: Best running backs (HB) in Franchise Mode – McCaffrey, Henry, Elliott & more

Every good team in Madden 21 needs a good running back.

So let’s take a look at who the best backs in Madden 21’s offline modes are!

How to choose the best running backs (HB) in Madden 21’s Franchise Mode

In this article, we are looking for the best running backs in Madden 21’s Franchise Mode. We don’t care about age, contract status, team, or anything but OVR here. These players are all listed with HB as their position. Let’s dive in!

Christian McCaffrey – 99 OVR

Team: Carolina Panthers

The latest member of the 99 Club, Christian McCaffrey is going to be a beast in Madden 21.

ANKLE BREAKER: McCaffrey’s X-Factor makes him deadly this year

With 92 speed and 93 acceleration he can break away from defenses, but it’s his 98 carrying combined with 97 agility, 96 juke move, and 92 spin move that makes him awesome in the open field.

He’s also got a position-best 82 catching and 83 short route running to be an elite receiving threat.

Derrick Henry – 93 OVR

Team: Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry pounds his way into #2.

The Titans’ bruiser of a running back has great 91 speed with 88 acceleration and 87 strength to be a physical beast.

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He has a monstrous 93 break tackle and 88 truck, but also a 98 stiff arm and 85 juke move.

Henry isn’t much of a receiver, but if you need a yard then he’s your guy.

Ezekiel Elliott – 92 OVR

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Ezekiel Elliott is a real do-it-all back.

The Cowboys star has 90 speed, 91 acceleration, and 80 strength. His 87 break tackle is paired with 72 catching to be strong both on the ground and as a receiver.

FEED ME MORE: Zeke will want a lot of the ball in Madden 21

In the open field he might be the best RB, with 91 juke move, 89 stiff arm, 87 spin move, and 85 truck. Basically he’s good at whatever move you want to put on a defender!

Nick Chubb – 92 OVR

Team: Cleveland Browns

Cleveland’s Nick Chubb is in at #4, somewhat surprisingly.

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Another physical back, Chubb has 92 speed, 91 acceleration, and 85 strength. His 97 break tackle is elite and comes with a 90 truck.

Chubb also has 88 stiff arm and 85 juke move.

Dalvin Cook – 91 OVR

Team: Minnesota Vikings

In at #5 is Minnesota’s Dalvin Cook.

STIFFED: Bust your way through defenses with Dalvin Cook

Less of a receiver than some may like, Cook is still a very good running back. With 92 speed and 92 acceleration he has the burst to get away from the defense in a hurry.

With 87 carrying he will be a little more fumble-prone than others, but his 88 break tackle comes with 93 juke move and 89 spin move to baffle defenders.

Saquon Barkley – 91 OVR

Team: New York Giants

One of the biggest ratings snubs, Saquon Barkley is just 91 OVR this year.

GOING UP: Barkley has the athleticism to go around or over defenders

He is one of the best athletes in Madden 21 thanks to his 93 speed, 93 acceleration, and 96 agility. In the open field, Barkley has 91 break tackle, 94 juke move, 90 spin move, and 86 stiff arm.

He also has 75 catching and 74 short route running. He is much better than his OVR suggests.

Aaron Jones – 90 OVR

Team: Green Bay Packers

Last on this list is Green Bay’s Aaron Jones.

Jones comes in with 91 speed and 93 acceleration, and 94 agility. He has a nice 84 truck along with 92 juke move.

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He’s a solid receiver, with 71 catching and 68 short route running.

All the best running backs in Madden 21

Player Team OVR
Christian McCaffrey Carolina Panthers 99
Derrick Henry Tennesee Titans 93
Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys 92
Nick Chubb Cleveland Browns 92
Dalvin Cook Minnesota Vikings 91
Saquon Barkley New York Giants 91
Aaron Jones Green Bay Packers 90
Joe Mixon Cincinnati Bengals 89
Alvin Kamara New Orleans Saints 88
Josh Jacobs Las Vegas Raiders 88
Kareem Hunt Cleveland Browns 87
Le’Veon Bell New York Jets 87
Chris Carson Seattle Seahawks 86
Mark Ingram II Baltimore Ravens 86
Todd Gurley II Atlanta Falcons 86
Austin Ekeler Los Angeles Chargers 85
Marlon Mack Indianapolis Colts 85
Phillip Linsay Denver Broncos 85
Melvin Gordon Denver Broncos 84
Raheem Mostert San Francisco 49ers 84

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