Madden 21 Ultimate Team: MUT Wishlist – Features, Rewards, Training, Updates & more

EA has given us plenty of major reveals for Madden 21 – but nothing quite yet on Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).

With that in mind, here’s our MUT wishlist and the things we hope to see – as well as when we might finally get some answers for Madden 21.

MUT in Madden 21

Madden Ultimate Team is one of the most popular game modes in the Madden series. But we still haven’t gotten any major reveals in the lead up to Madden 21 release day – which is less than a month out.

RADIO SILENCE: We’ve seen plenty of things ahead of Madden 21, just nothing on MUT

For perspective, we’ve already gotten a release date, cover athlete, breakdown of gameplay, X-Factor Abilities, Closed Beta, full ratings list, price, feature list, and more.

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But it looks like we’ll have to wait even longer for any Madden 21 MUT news.

MUT Wishlist

While we wait, we might as well go over the things we hope to see in MUT in Madden 21 as the series makes its debut on next-gen consoles.

Better Filters for MUT Auction House

Players will likely spend plenty of time in the MUT Auction House in Madden 21. With next-gen technology, we’d like to see some improvements to the Auction House filter and search systems.

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A simple upgrade would be to offer multiple simultaneous filters to help players find the cards they’re looking for without having to individually search.

Auto Substitutions

Most every game mode in the madden series has introduced the Auto Subs feature.

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Auto Subs allows players to adjust the frequency that fatigued players are automatically subbed out before lining up too tired to make an impact.

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Adding this feature in MUT for Madden 21 would help clean up problems caused by player fatigue.

More Content

The MUT world revolves around a schedule of new content throughout the game’s lifespan.

But with this time gate, players can quickly lose interest.

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By including more content from day 1, there’s more room for players to experience MUT without feeling like they have to wait for something to do in-between releases.

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This will also allow players to feel like they have more room to be creative with their lineups.

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