NBA 2K21: How other games may adapt The Park – FIFA 21, Madden 21, The Yard, NHL 21 & more

The NBA 2K series is a massive innovator for sports franchises, and we expect plenty more in NBA 2K21.

One of the more successful additions to the series in recent years has been The Park, where players can join others as their own created characters to play games of different sizes online.

As we approach release dates for many major sports games ahead of next-gen consoles, we might just see other games like FIFA 21, Madden 21, and NHL 21 adapt The Park. In fact, according to leaks, one already has.

The impact of The Park

Sports games have been very limited by reducing game modes that change the way players play games.

INNOVATION: The NBA 2K series has come a long way from its first introductions of the exciting game mode The Park

The NBA 2K series however has pioneered a game mode that keeps players coming back time and time again – The Park.

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In fact, from what we know so far, one major sports title to come is already adapting its own version of The Park. That would be Madden 21, and its upcoming game mode The Yard.

Madden 21 and The Yard

Madden 21 is just around the corner, and we’ve gotten plenty of big reveals from EA on the game. This includes a full roster ratings reveal, developer streams and Gridiron Notes going into depth on upcoming features, and even a Closed Beta period open to tons of players.

LEAKS: Could Madden 21 be adapting The Park with its upcoming game mode The Yard?

One reveal that isn’t yet confirmed is a new game mode, The Yard. From leaks, it looks like the game mode will take some heavy influence from The Park. According to the leaks, it will allow players to join with others to play 6 on 6.

If this is indeed the new game mode coming to Madden 21, fans will be lining up to try it out. If it has the success of The Park, it could entirely change the online ecosystem of Madden 21.

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And Madden might not be the only series that could potentially take influence from The Park.


EA have been relatively silent about FIFA 21. Recently however they’ve revealed the cover star for all three of its editions, Kylian Mbappe. EA have also scheduled the Official Reveal Trailer.

YOUNG LEGEND: Mbappe has made his way onto the covers of all three editions of FIFA 21 at just 21-years-old

We don’t have any leaks or rumors yet that imply FIFA 21 will adapt NBA 2K’s Park game mode. But if the Madden 21 leaks are to be believed, it wouldn’t be farfetched for EA to move in this direction.

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And much like Madden 21, FIFA 21 would be ripe for this kind of game mode.

NHL 21

Another major EA sports title on the way is NHL 21.

Fans were worried about the lack of promotion about the game over the last few months. Now EA has come through with a developer’s update on NHL 21 explaining what’s to come.

WHAT’S NEXT?: Could an adaption of The Park make its way onto the ice in NHL 21?

In the update, we learned that the NHL 21 development team will be focusing on innovating new features for the series on current-gen consoles rather than releasing a next-gen version with exclusive features.

Along with this, an Amazon listing has leaked what may be the release date for NHL 21. That release date is 16 October.

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EA’s NHL series is sore for innovation. Adapting a Park-style game mode could be a huge way to breath some new life into the games.

This could ignite an all new addition to the playerbase for one of EA’s least played major sports franchises. And it fits the bill as a feature that could be added for current-gen success.

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