NBA 2K21: Is cross platform coming to 2K? Dual Entitlement, Mamba Forever Edition, Next gen, PS5, Xbox Series X, Pre-Order, Release Date & more

NBA 2K21 is coming, but it will arrive significantly before next-gen consoles.

How is 2K Games approaching this issue? Will cross-platform play or Dual Entitlement be available?

Let’s go over everything we know about NBA 2K21 on all of its platforms.

Cross platform in NBA 2K21

NBA 2K has never included cross-platform play, and unfortunately for fans hoping to unite the playerbases, that’s still the case with NBA 2K21.

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This means that to play with friends on different consoles, you’ll have to pick them up as well.

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Will NBA 2K21 have Dual Entitlement?

EA has introduced a new feature called Dual Entitlement for its most popular sports franchises Madden and FIFA.

This will mean that players picking up FIFA 21 and Madden 21 on current-gen consoles will be eligible for a free next-gen upgrade that will carry over important progress.

PROBLEM SOLVED: EA’s Dual Entitlement solves a number of problems heading toward major titles ahead of next-gen consoles

Despite this elegant solution solving a lot of problems when it comes to major sports titles releasing significantly before next-gen consoles, NBA 2K is not adapting it.

Instead, you’ll have to shell out $100 to purchase the Mamba Forever Edition of NBA 2K21, which will let you carry over progress (MyTEAM only) to next-gen consoles.

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Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase current-gen and next-gen versions to play on each respective set of consoles.

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NBA 2K21 on next gen

NBA 2K21’s Next-Gen Edition will feature Zion Williamson on the cover, and will be a $10 markup from the current-gen Standard Edition of the game.

FLYING HIGH: The rookie earned his cover spot in the first incomplete NBA season in history

For the extra fee we expect plenty of features and development optimized for next gen consoles.

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Release Date

We’ve finally got an official release date for NBA 2K21, and that’s Friday, 4 September.

This release date is significantly ahead of the scheduled release date for next-gen consoles which is currently slated for Holiday 2020.

You can also pre-order the game now!

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