NHL 21 Ultimate Team: HUT RUSH, features, pre-order rewards & more

EA has given us tons of new things to look forward to for NHL 21 with a new press release, following up on the promises made in the Development Update.

One of the most important areas of improvement is in NHL 21’s HUT game mode.

Here’s everything you need to know.


HUT in NHL 21 will be getting some new features, and at least some of those changes were revealed in the most recent press release.

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The most important HUT news that was revealed is HUT RUSH.

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HUT RUSH will shake up NHL 21 Ultimate Team gameplay from the ground up by speeding up the matchmaking process, and rewarding creative plays that make for huge moments.

HUT Pre-Order Bonuses

NHL 21 will give quite a few different HUT-based pre-order rewards for NHL 21.

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For the Great Eight Edition of NHL 21 – players will receive 10 HUT Diamond Player Choice Packs, HUT Synergy Veteran Choice Pack, and a HUT Cover Athlete Choice Pack.

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These will be huge boosts to your squad, so you won’t want to miss them! But these aren’t the only rewards players can get for HUT by pre-ordering.

HUT Veteran Bonus

On top of the regular NHL 21 pre-order bonuses for HUT, players who have owned the last three EA NHL games will receive an additional Veteran Bonus.

ON THE GRIND: Veterans of the game are getting rewarded in NHL 21

The Veteran Bonus includes up to 10 HUT Loyalty Reward Packs.

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This is an awesome thing to see from EA, and gives players who have been on the NHL game grind a greater chance to start strong in NHL 21.

Official Reveal Trailer

Hyped about NHL 21? Look no further than the newly released Official Reveal Trailer to see some of the action!

You can watch the trailer below:

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