PUBG Mobile Season 15: Update 1.0, Royale Pass, Rewards, Theme, Start Date, Content, Leaks, New Era, Latest News & more

PUBG Mobile Season 15 is just around the corner!

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s to come in the upcoming season.

Latest news – Update 1.0

Tencent is giving PUBG Mobile some massive sweeping changes with Update 1.0.

JUSTICE: A new anti-cheat system is set to better spot many popular cheating methods

This includes the addition of Erangel 2.0, the M104 semi-automatic shotgun, the return of Payload Mode (with 6 new armed vehicles!), the upcoming return of Infection Mode, a whole host of graphical upgrades, redone menu systems, bug fixes, a new anti-cheat system, and plenty more!

You can read over the Update 1.0 Patch Notes here, and read over the game’s movement toward A New Era here!

Season 15 Release Date

PUBG Mobile Season 15 is set to start on 14 September!

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This will give players about a week to enjoy Update 1.0 before all of the massive new features of Season 15 go live!


Each PUBG Mobile season comes with its own theme, which will dictate how some of the Royale Pass rewards will look.

DIRECTION: Each PUBG Mobile season has a theme that dictates how many of the cosmetic rewards will look

We haven’t gotten a definitive Season 15 theme from leaks, and certainly no official confirmations just yet.

Royale Pass

All PUBG Mobile seasons come with a Royale Pass, which offers a ton of exciting content in rewards for playing the game and unlocking them.

BOUNTY: PUBG Mobile Royale Passes offer all kinds of cosmetic items that you can only earn during the season

The Royale Pass costs 600 UC (in-game currency), which equals around 775 Indian rupees, £7.87, or $10.36.

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There is also the Elite Royale Pass, which offers even more options for each new PUBG Mobile season. This will cost 1800 UC, or roughly 2325 Indian rupees, £23.60, or $31.10.

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Rewards from the Royale Passes include cosmetic items like skins, animations like dances, emotes, profile images, gun skins, vehicle skins, and more.


While we don’t have any confirmed PUBG Mobile Season 15 rewards, we have plenty of leaks that supposedly reveal some of the new content coming in September.

STAND OUT: PUBG Mobile Season 12 had some amazing skin rewards in the Royale Pass, and we expect Season 15 to really step things up even further

You can watch this video from regular community leaker Classified YT to get a look at some of the supposed reveals.

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We can only hope the leaks are eventually confirmed, because some of the skins are visually stunning!

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