PUBG Mobile Update 1.0: Guns, Game Modes, Erangel 2.0, A New Era, bug fixes, Season 15 & more

As Season 14 of PUBG Mobile winds down it is time to look ahead to Season 15!

As usual, before a new season arrives there will be an update. With the 1.0 update will come plenty of new features and fixes.

What do we know about Update 1.0 so far?

Update 1.0 Begins A New Era

PUBG Mobile is undergoing huge sweeping changes in the upcoming Update 1.0, which signify A New Era.

NEW LOOK: It’s a new chapter for PUBG Mobile with this update

These changes include an entire graphical overhaul, tons of new features, game modes, and more!

You can read over the PUBG Mobile Update 1.0 patch notes here.

Update 1.0 launch date

We know when the new update will land.

You can expect Update 1.0 to be downloadable on 7 September.

It should be no bigger than 2GB, so make sure you clear some space for it!

Erangel 2.0

It looks like the much-anticipated map will arrive in PUBG Mobile with Update 1.0.

THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT: Familiarity and updates will make Erangel 2.0 a tough map to master

Beta gameplay has already surfaced and it is everything fans have been waiting for. There are some changes to the buildings and areas like Mylta Power, Quarry, and Prison. Players will also see trenches, abandoned tanks, barricades, and more scattered across to the map.

New weapon, fixes, & Cheer Park changes

It looks like the update will bring with it a new gun for players to try out. The M1014 semi-automatic shotgun is sure to be a popular choice among the more adventurous players. There are also big balance changes for the Tommy Gun and UMP 45.

There is a also a full list of bug fixes, and user experience improvements, including a new lobby system with a Main Lobby, Social Lobby, and Store Lobby to better separate the game’s menus.

There are also changes to Cheer Park coming, with revamped showdowns and more.

What about Season 15?

PUBG Mobile Season 15 should start a week after Update 1.0 arrives.

That gives it a release date of 15 September.

PLAY TIME IS OVER: Season 15 will be the best yet

With the new season will come a new Royale Pass along with a theme, skins, and even a new character.

With Erangel 2.0 to drop into, it looks set to be the biggest season yet!

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