Red Dead Online: Why Naturalists are the most exciting role yet – Tips & tricks, overview & more

Red Dead Online has released its biggest update to date, Update 1.20, and it brings the new Naturalist role to the game.

Let’s go over why the Naturalist is Red Dead Online’s best release yet.

The Naturalist

The Naturalist joins the other available roles in the game, including Collector, Bounty Hunter, Moonshiner, and Trader.

LOOK THE PART: Naturalists will have all kinds of unique gear available to them

But while the other roles have their moments, the Naturalist expands on one of the most engaging aspects of Red Dead Online, the wildlife scattered throughout the game.

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Most players may see Red Dead Online’s wildlife as a means to build cash. And thus far in the game, that’s largely been the truth beyond the immersive experiences they provide.

BEWARE: Some animal species in Red Dead Online require extra care when tracking

With Naturalists, however, the wildlife is getting a hugely expanded role. The game is even adding seven new legendary animal species with three subspecies each to help it along.

You can watch Rockstar’s trailer for Naturalists below!

With what we’ve seen, we can’t wait to get into the action.

Naturalist Tips

The Naturalist is a complicated role that puts decisions in the hands of the player. Because of this, Rockstar have come through with a lengthy list of tips for players looking to be a good Naturalist.

You can read over the full list here!

Some highlights include making your decision to skin the pelts of legendary animals or turn them in for their bounty, as you can’t do both at the same time, and to check your ammo in your rifle to ensure you’ll either sedate or kill as you wish.

The Animals

Along with the addition of the Naturalist role, Red Dead Online is adding legendary beavers, bison, boars, cougars, elk, foxes, and wolves to the game – each coming with three different unique subspecies.

CATCH THEM IF YOU CAN: Legendary animal species will be scattered across Red Dead Online

These animals will expand on the vibrant wildlife already roaming Red Dead Online across the many in-game biomes.

Naturalist Jobs

Naturalists will be able to choose their path in how they interact with these animal species. That means you can be a deadeye hunter, a nonviolent tagger and tracker, or anything in-between.

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Often players will cover both sides of the spectrum, much like a true naturalist should.

PICK YOUR PATH: Naturalists will have plenty of options available to them when interacting with the wildlife in Red Dead Online

These jobs will go through two different main characters.

NEW CHARACTERS: Harriet Davenport and Gus Macmillan will be major parts of the Naturalist storylines

The first is Harriet Davenport, a conservationist that is interested in samples without harming animals, and even taking care of vulnerable and endangered animals.

The second is Gus Macmillan, a retired hunter turned sportsman who collects pelts and more from big hunts.

PROGRESS: Choose how you earn your progress in researching the many animals of Red Dead Online in your Animal Field Guide

Along with these jobs Naturalists will build out their Animal Field Guide by researching all of the species in Red Dead Online.

Things to do as a Naturalist

The Naturalist will have plenty of exploring ahead of them, tracking down rare animal species to hunt or study. On top of this adventure, though, Naturalists will also have unique events.

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These events include freeing rare animals from poachers, and reviving injured animals, among plenty more.

OLD RELIABLE: Sometimes going back to your old ways will be the best path to solve problems like poachers as a Naturalist

The Naturalist will also have the opportunity to receive unique gear, and even a unique breed of horse.

And if all of this isn’t enough, Rockstar have promised the addition of even more legendary animal species to interact with in the coming weeks!

Will the Naturalist Revive Red Dead Online?

Interest for Red Dead Online has come and gone over the years. This is because players eventually feel like they’ve done all there is to do in the game.

POSSE UP: Red Dead Online will be alive and well after the release of the Naturalist and all of the major content coming in Update 1.20

With the addition of the Naturalist, however, not only is there tons of new content coming to explore, but old content will now also be experienced through a new light and new systems.

This could mean a huge revival for Red Dead Online. This means you should expect to see plenty more players after Update 1.20.

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