Soriano Motori Announces New Electric Bikes namely V1R, V1S, V1 Gara !!!

2021 Soriani Giaguaro was the electric motorcycle teased by the Italian manufacturers Soriani Motori, and the bike is yet to make a debut. But the company has revealed three new electric motorcycles.

Niagara stands for “Jaguar” in Italian, and taking a big leap like the spotted-cat, Soriano Motori has announced the V1R, V1S, and V1 Gara, are futuristically drawn mixtures of a naked bike and a sculpted body. The V1R is supposed to be the most powerful variant, while V1S will have a small fairing around the cockpit.

Depending on the model, the electric motor is said to have an output of between 60 and 75 kW, which in the primary V1R option is assumed to make sure advancement from a stand still to 100 kph in 4.4 seconds. In the best model V1 Gara, this should be 3.5 seconds, which is on the strength of the well-known Zero SR /F.

The battery capacity of the bikes will range from 15 to 20 kWh and range is expected to be between 120 to 160 km. The electric motorbikes Model V1R, V1S, and V1 Gara can now be pre-ordered and will cost at least 25,500 euros (V1R). The V1S should cost 30,500 euros, and the best model is in the configurator at 32,500 euros. According to Cycleworld, the top version is to be presented in November.

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