*UPDATED* Football Manager 2021: FM 20 FREE on Epic Game Store, Release date, beta, new features, licences, PC, consoles, news & more

Football Manager is a must-have for anyone who lives and breathes the beautiful game.

FM20 was a massive hit last year, and the sequel is bound to expand on its incredible formula.

Keep reading as we cover everything we know about Football Manager 2021.

LATEST NEWS – FM 20 on Epic Game Store!

If you want to see just how good Football Manager 2020 was, you can head over to the Epic game store and download it for free!

You’ll be able to keep it forever until 24 September, so act fast!

And the good news is that you can also bring your Steam save game with you and continue your way to glory!

Projected release date

In the past, the game’s release date has moved around from early to late November, but it is always in that month.

However, as per Sports Interactive’s statement, the new FM game ‘will be delivered a little later than […] originally planned’.

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This means we can expect Football Manager 2021 sometime from mid-November onwards.

Sports Interactive has released an official statement regarding how they have coped with the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for their future.

Included in the full statement is some very good news for FM fans as Sports Interactive state that ‘despite all the problems going on in the world, there will be new Football Manager games released later this year‘.

Football Manager 2021 Beta

As usual, the beta should arrive a few weeks before the game is released.

It will give fans a chance to mass-test the game, but as always allow you to roll over your save when the full game is released.

Hopefully, we’ll get a beta in early November.


There were official Arsenal and Valencia versions of FM20 that fans could buy, but as ever licences were an issue for a lot of leagues.

There is no getting around Juventus’ three-year deal with PES, so be ready for Zebre to make a return to Serie A in FM21.

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However, it would be nice for Sports Interactive to continue building up their official team versions. Or just go all-out and get proper licences for the Premier League and other leagues. Some players currently download face and logo packs to avoid playing with odd badges and silhouette players.

New features

WARN THEM: The clear new system avoided angering players

FM20 saw the introduction of the Club Vision, Code Of Conduct, and Tactical Insights. A lot of these were small tweaks to help accessibility for new players or streamline some processes that had been frustrating the experienced managers.

FM20 was a well-polished game, and received strong reviews. There doesn’t feel like there is much that needs to be added to make your managerial life more realistic.

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There are still some match engine issues like players taking shots from ridiculous angles or the classic “terrible run of form striking from out of nowhere” that should be ironed out.

It would be nice to see more focus on the training ground, and make that area of the game a bit more easy to navigate.

Transfer market

The transfer market is always a tricky one in Football Manager games. Big teams quickly accrue All-Star squads and suck up elite talent at a rapid rate. Money flies back and forth between Man City, PSG, Barcelona, and Liverpool, but even if you take over one of the clubs the cash never seems to come to you.

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It can still be incredibly tricky to get a fair market price for your players. While you are continuously quoted ludicrous sums for a young goalie or rotational full-back.

Giving managers a more level playing field in the transfer market would be welcome.

Stats changes

VITAL STATISTICS: Could FM21 shake-up the stats model?

The Football Manager player stats have been static for a while, but it would be good to see additions made.

Finishing could be expanded to one-on-ones, first-touch shooting, and poaching for example.

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It would be good to see if a striker with 15 finishing was stronger in certain situations so you could better tailor your tactics to each player.

The same goes for fast wingers. Are they quick at getting to the ball, but dramatically slower with the ball at their feet?


Sports Interactive also had some very exciting news in their latest statement, confirming that their ‘games will be on more platforms and available on more stores than ever before’ this year.

FM20 was released on PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia – so does this hint at a possible console-edition of the game?!

FM20 is on the Xbox Game Pass for PC, so an Xbox One release for FM21 could be feasible – for now we’ll have to be patient…

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Top pick for FM 21 gear

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