*UPDATED* PS Plus September 2020 Predictions: Release Date, Reveal Date, Community Predictions, Modern Warfare, Marvel’s Spider-Man, NBA 2K20, Reddit and More!

PS Plus September is almost here, which means access to some awesome titles!

With the PS5 likely coming holiday 2020, Sony could release some awesome new games to bring fans tot he console family.

Here are our predictions for the PS Plus September 2020 lineup!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare has arguably become one of the greatest entries in the Call of Duty series.

GHOST – Have you played the new Season of Call of Duty?

The amazing Battle Royale game mode “Warzone” released alongside this year’s title, turning Modern Warfare into a top tier game with endless replayability.

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The next Call of Duty is releasing very soon (thought there’s no confirmed release date), so we may see Modern Warfare hit PS Plus to build hype for the new title! This will also help bring in new fans to push on to the newest game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man released back in 2018 as an exclusive for the PS4.

MILES – We’ll also be getting the release of the brand-new Spider-Man game later this year!

Two years later, we’re getting the release of another Marvel game, Marvel Avengers.

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We think Marvel’s Spider-Man will hit PS Plus in September to help promote the release of the new Avengers game.

NBA 2K20

NBA has a new game every year, meaning fans will move from game to game at each release to catch up with new rosters, mechanics, and features.

BE THE BEST – Will you be playing 2K21 at launch?

The new NBA title is set to release on 4th September 2020.

Most hardcore NBA fans will move over to the new game on this date, meaning the playerbase for NBA 2K20 will decline massively.

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We may see the current title hit PS Plus to keep this player base strong until all players have transferred over to 2K21, and bring in new fans to jump to the newest NBA 2K title.

Community Predictions

There are plenty members of the community who make predictions on games to come. You can see some on the PS Plus Reddit!

Days Gone

Days Gone is widely considered one of the best games on PS4. (Unfortunately, the game didn’t receive a Game of the Year award)

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This game is a great single-player experience. Even if it doesn’t hit PS Plus in September, we recommend you pick it up anyway!

Dying Light 2

Techland (developers of Dying Light) have announced a new update coming to Dying Light 2.

This may breathe new life into the game, and bring back some of the old fans and community.

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We hope Dying Light 2 comes to PS Plus so those who haven’t had the chance to experience this Zombie survival game finally can!

Release Date

PS Plus September 2020 is expected to release on 2nd September.

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To read more on the release date of PS Plus, check out or other article here!

Reveal Date

We can expect September’s lineup to be revealed around a week before their release on PS Plus.

This means we’re liekly to get our first look at PS Plus September on the 26th August.

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This is just over a week away, so keep your eyes peeled for any news from PlayStation regarding their lineup!

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