VLF Accuses Chinese EV Karma Startup of Piracy !!!

The VLF Automotive claims piracy against themselves by their joint venture Chinese company Karma. The electric vehicle start-up company Karma now stands alone for now, we guess.

The VLF Automotive, founded by former GMC executive, is a Michigan based carmaker. VLF claims to have shared details of their luxury car Humvee with their partner Karma for the Chinese market. But now, they seem to last fall of the proposed partnership and are also parting away with a try to cut out of the deal. Karma, which is owned by Wanxiang, is trying to gain market values in competition with Tesla, the electric giant, and Nikola, the hydrogen truck maker.

The VLF claims that the Karma, despite signing the nondisclosure agreement, went to the US-based automakers. They have in mind to bring the car up on the market on their own. According to VLF, Karma is motivated to steal by US partners due to financial desperation. Also, Karma is always in a struggle to build its place in the US market. They have on them an unfamiliar hybrid sedan, the Karma Revero, on their list of unpopular reviews.
Let us see this lawsuit, as it falls upon an already struck company, struggling hard for the name.

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