Will Fall Guys be on Mobile? Season 2, China, Predictions, Gamescom, and more

It’s undoubtedly one of the most wholesome and hilarious gaming experiences around, but the big question is, will Fall Guys be coming to mobile?

Keep reading to find out more.

Fall Guys for Mobile in China?

According to gaming journalist Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau Fall Guys will be coming out in China soon for Mobile.

This is based off a previous tweet from Daniel Ahmad, who wrote that a company called Bilibili has secured the rights to publish the mobile version in China.

If you follow the link, it takes you to a game page that does appear to look like a version of the Fall Guys game, on the Bilibili site.

Will there be a Fall Guys Mobile in the US / UK?

There’s no official word as of yet, as to whether the game will release on mobile in the UK or US (or other countries).

However, it would seem very likely that this will be the case due to both its popularity, and the advances in mobile gaming.

When will we hear more?

The iconic gaming event, Gamescom, is coming up and we’re going to get our first official look at Fall Guys Season 2!

This coming Thursday 27 August at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST, you’ll be able to see exactly what Fall Guys has up its sleeves.

We’re looking forward to seeing new costumes and skins, as well as some amazing new game modes!

For everything you need to know and more on Fall Guys, be sure to check back in with us!

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