Pokemon Go: Best Tips to Enjoy The Game

Pokemon Go is a phenomenon, and we cannot deny its greatness. The pandemic might have had an impact on it for a bit, but now it’s on again. People have found ways to catch their Pokemon and stay healthy at the same time. You can play inside, but the best experience is when you go and visit real-world locations.

We are here to give you some tips on how to enjoy the game better.

Play indoors

The whole idea of Pokemon Go was to catch them in the real world. But due to the pandemic, it was not safe, so as people started working from home, they also started playing from home. Niantic has found new ways for its users to play the game at home.

From the shop, you can buy Remote Raid Passes for 100 PokeCoins each. They will allow you to team up with other players and catch legendary Pokemon.

Join a Remote Raid by tapping the Nearby button from the map and then the Raid button. There are various Raid lobbies, join whichever you want and start looking for amazing Pokemon.

Get a nice XP bonus

In order to gain more XP, when you capture a wild Pokemon, you can throw a curveball. You need to tap the ball, hold it, and spin it around the clock (or counter clock) until it sparkles. After it odes, toss it and, if you capture it, you’ll get an XP bonus.

When you throw it, it seems that it helps to throw it in the opposite direction of the initial spin. If you’re spinning clockwise, toss the ball to the left. This should do it.

Berries, berries, berries

You can feed razz berries to a Pokemon to slow it down. This will help you capture it. There are many types of berries, and each has different effects.

  • Pinap berries will double the amount of candy you get as rewards – that, only if you capture a Pokemon. If you don’t manage to capture it, you won’t get the berries.
  • Golden Razz Berries will also make it easier for you to capture wild Pokemon, and they are even more powerful.
  • Nanab berries will slow down a wild Pokemon.
  • Razz berries, when fed to a wild Pokemon, will make it easier for you to catch it.

Trade Pokemon, get lucky

When you trade Pokemon, there’s a chance they become lucky. This means that they will require less Stardust to power up. It will be easier for you to train them and be more powerful. Keep in mind that not every trade will get you a lucky Pokemon, but there’s a chance it will happen, so try your luck – you have nothing to lose.

Win raid battles

This is not easy, everybody knows that. Boss Pokemon are very powerful, and their difficulty ranges from level 1 to level 5. If the level is high, the CP is high. Anyone that has a Raid Pass can join the battle, with a maximum of 20 players in a group. The attacks are the same, you can flee or rejoin the battle, and you can heal your Pokemon.

Choose wisely

You can choose a Pokemon to travel with you. Not literally, though. It will appear next to you on the profile screen and also next to your avatar icon on the field. If you want to select a buddy, do the following steps:

  • Tap on the picture of your Trainer from the lower-left corner
  • Tap on the Menu
  • Tap the Buddy icon found between the Journal and Customize options
  • Choose the Pokemon you want as a buddy.