COVID Vaccine Cards to Be Released for Android Users

Credit: Google

Android users will soon enough be able to store their digital vaccine and test cards on their phones and even use a shortcut on their home screen. Google announced that this feature will be available first on the US and that it will be part of a built-in update of the Android system.

The update has been labelled as safe and easy to install and the data will be stored in the phone/ Android device. This might imply that if the same user want to access his/her Covid vaccine card from two or more different Android running devices, he or she might have to store them manually first.

What info will the Covid vaccine card include?

Apparently, this card will have stored information about the type of vaccine the user has had, the number of doses, the dates when the doses were administered, the canter where the doses were administered and any other future appointments.

For those unvaccinated, but with a Covid test, the vaccine card will include the name of the test performed, the type of the test, the date when the result was receives and the healthcare unit or entity where the test was taken.

Data security and more

Google declared that all vaccine information will be stored into the device and that the information will be available even when the device does not have access to internet, in offline mode. Those who are interested in using the vaccine card need a device that runs with Android 5 version or a later one.

No copies of any of the information inside the Android device are to be stored by Google and no third party will benefit from the stored information. However, the American multination company will know how many times the Android user has used the card and when.

Dan C. Canale
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