Top Movies Like Interstellar: Set Off on Your New Adventure

Interstellar is a masterpiece, and Christopher Nolan has made yet another fantastic movie. Set in the future, when Earth is unhabitable, NASA is trying to send people to a new home. Matthew McConaughey has portrayed Cooper perfectly, leaving you wanting for more.

The thing with movies like this is that it takes you to great adventures. We’re here to give you a list of new adventures to go through.


This movie is about two astronauts, Dr Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock and Matt Kowalsky, played by George Clooney. Their routine mission fails, and they remain stranded in space. The visuals are perfect, the performance is impeccable, and you will feel every moment as if you’re there.


Arrival is about alien life. A linguist is set to work with the U.S military in order to communicate with the aliens that landed on Earth. The movie challenges the idea of time, and it will make you question everything you know. Amy Adams and Forest Whitaker do an incredible job here.


Of course, there’s another Christopher Nolan classic on this list. This one is about a man that’s not able to form new memories. He is also looking for his wife’s killer. The story is told perfectly: the scenes alternate between black and white and colour, showing the chronological order. Only that the black and white scenes work backwards, it is a complex movie that will let put a lot of questions with no clear answer.

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko has a little of everything: it could be considered a horror film or a mind-blowing sci-fi. The movie presents vortexes, dream manipulation and time travel. They are pretty challenging to understand, and the movie has become a classic.

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