Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List: the best and the worst characters, September 2021 update

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a great game, and everyone is aware of that. And, in order to get the best experience out there, it is crucial to know everything about the characters of the game. We come with an essential list of these characters and what’s their extraordinary power.

This game comes as the partnership between Alim and Square Enix, and every veteran knows its worth. The settings of the game, the mythology, the design of the characters, everything is like a dream come true. The gameplay is based on Alim’s first game, Brave Frontier. The game is very complex, and it is not that easy to complete it.

During the gameplay, you’ll probably meet hundreds of characters, and you’ll need to decide who gets your attention. We have prepared this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List, from which you’ll learn how valuable characters actually are.


S-Tier has powerful characters. If you get access to them, you’ll see exactly how powerful they are, especially if they are seven stars.


The characters from the A-tier don’t have the power of those from the S-tier, but they are still valuable. They don’t require much setup, and they are easy to play once you understand them.


The characters from this lists are not really worth evolving. You might want to use them from early to mid-game, but it might be better to invest time in other tiers.


Some of the characters from the D-tier are nearly 7-star characters. You can use the other ones, but you might want to replace them during games with better ones.


We know that everyone says that these characters are the best, but in really, there’s little to no proof they are actually worth something. Their synergies are minimal, and they don’t cause much damage.

Alphonse Erlic is the best one you can choose. His skills are outstanding, and because of them, he can handle damage and harm like a champ. If you pair him with suitable units, he can win you the world.

Some other strong characters are Paladin Cecil, Lightning (FF XIII-2), Rena, and Angel of Death Kuja.

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