The Division 2 Episode 3: Fresh Update on Launch News

Released almost a year ago, The Division 2 is one of those online action RPG games that managed to conquer the hearts of gamers quickly. The Episode 3 update is just around the corner, and a precise release date for PS4, PC and Xbox One will be revealed this week as a livestream event.

Nonetheless, we already know for sure that the new update of The Division 2 will be available for the gamers this February. Ubisoft itself, the publisher of the game, has already revealed that it will be announcing this week its plans regarding The Division 2.

Livestream event on February 11 for the fans

Ubisoft will be hosting this event for the fans of The Division 2, with the purpose of providing answers to all of their questions and doubts.

Ubisoft itself states the following:

“Episode 3 of The Division 2 is bringing players back to New York – specifically Coney Island – and it’s taken a long and twisting narrative road to get there,”

Also, the company gives us the good news that the new update is available for free to all of those who are playing the game on their PC, Xbox One or PS4:

“Episode 3 will be free for all players when it arrives in February. There will be no Public Test Server rounds for Episode 3, as there are no balance changes that need to be tested.”

Thus, Episode 3 of The Division 2 will add a new battleground to the game – Coney Island from New York. It will also bring two new main missions, two classified assignments, and one Specialisation.

The livestream hosted by Ubisoft can be seen by everybody on YouTube, Twitch and Mixer. All we can do now is wait with excitement for the update of The Division 2 to arrive. Do you have what it takes to join the battles?

Dan C. Canale
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