Call of Duty is presenting several features for its users, which are scheduled to appear this week

The developers of the highly appreciated game, Call of Duty, have announced numerous features that are scheduled to be released this week. Thankfully, one of them would be the option to play the game on your smartphone, since the officials are planning on making this option available for a limited amount of time. The most favorite game mode, Gun Game, is going to be available for the mobile users.

The mobile version is already available and the users will be able to get to try a list of several guns for every successful attempt to kill an opponent. The concept of the game features your character who is continually killing enemies and every time receives a different weapon. However, if the attempt becomes a failure, the player is forced to start the progress from the beginning.

Additionally, the developers continue the Steel Legion season. The officials have already announced a couple of updates for their fans, such as a brand-new killstreak, named the Shock RC. It is a small car, straightforward to control, which proves a great asset when in need to identify the enemies. In addition to this, its power is to shock them using electricity, which gives your character enough time to prepare for the fata kill. Therefore, the gaming experience proposes a simple way to play games and advance to the most wanted trophy, the Free Battle at Tier 25.

Furthermore, the series of features does not stop here. Additional weekly challenges and opportunities to earn experience points have been added to the game. This season’s Ranked mode is scheduled to finish at the beginning of June. Therefore, contestants have plenty of time to win the Epic skin for Ruin. Moreover, the Modern Warfare franchise is bringing the Scattershot and the Sniper modes for the Warzone players.

Brian G. Davis
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