League Of Legends – What’s The Deal With Eternals?

Eternals are the freshest way to show off your League of Legends champion skills. The mastery system that received multiple updates for the past year is now available for those who want to show off how many Lee Sin kicks they’ve dealt or how many of Annie’s Tibbers have crushed whole teams.

How The Eternals System Works

Two different sets will be available for purchase at launch. Those contain Eternal stat collectors. Those sets can feature one of two different variations of Eternals for one particular champion:

Common Eternals – The base option is similar for all champions. It counts the number of epic monsters you’ve killed (Rift Herald, Dragon, or Baron), towers you’ve destroyed, and enemies you’ve defeated. This set has to be purchased for each separate champion for either 2,500 Blue Essence or 225RP. Alternatively, you can buy a Starter Series Eternal Pass, which features sets for every champion in the game for 14,750 Blue Essence or 1,350RP.

Unique Eternals work quite differently. To know the specific stats for every champion, like the total distance it has traveled or how much healing it has done with Darius’ Decimate, players must purchase a Series One set. Those sets feature three different Unique Eternals for a single champion. A trio costs 600RP. Alternatively, players can buy a Season One Pass for 5,850 RP.

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