PS5 Latest Progress and Release Date Updates

Sony fans might soon learn more about the following Sony PlayStation console via next week’s State of Play event.

Every day we are nearing the release window for the PS5, as it’s supposed to be introduced in the holiday 2020 period.

Still, the next-gen console wars have been mostly dominated by Xbox for quite a few months now.

Microsoft went all-out with revealing details about their upcoming Series X console, while Sony took its time and only revealed tidbits of detail about the PS5.


However, Sony has recently started rolling out updates about their upcoming console, which might soon lead to a turning point for the next-gen console wars.

A Sony stream from March dove deep into the specifications of the PS5 and its controller was revealed the following month.

Sony has recently showcased the first proper look of gameplay that was recorded on PS5 hardware, with a demo of the Unreal Engine 5 running at Summer Games Fest. The demo was an instant hit as everybody was stunned by seeing the upcoming system’s graphic performances.

Sony appears to have accelerated the rate at which it publishes details about the PS5. Past rumors suggested that Sony was preparing for a PS5 reveal event in early June. That supposed reveal period was also confirmed by Jeff Grubb and Jason Schreier, some reputable journalists.

Reveal Event Date

A Bloomberg post speaks of how Schreier and Takashi Mochizuki claimed that the reveal event for the PS5 would take place on Wednesday, June 3.

Here is what Schreier tweeted on the subject:

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