The Google Pixel 5 XL – New Renders Reveal A Triple Camera Setup

While it might be hard to learn information about the most reputable smartphone brands, Google seems to be far from concerned about the confidentiality of upcoming models.

Upcoming Pixel Devices

The Google Pixel 5 and 5XL are smartphones that will be officially released in October 2020.

However, it looks like Google has completed the prototypes of the devices, as many leaks of the renders of the machines were published online recently.

Google chose to publicly share a render of the rear side of a smartphone, which is believed to be the Pixel 5XL.

The new camera bump design

The use of a bump to house the rear camera module in the design of smartphones always provoked mixed reactions from analysts and fans alike.

The newly published render of the Pixel 5XL shows a semi-circular bump as if hanging from the top center of the back panel.

Rumors say that this is one of the three prototypes produced by Google and most likely isn’t a definitive model for the production version.

If Google decides to stick to its regular pattern, there are about eight months to go for the official release of this year’s line of Google Pixel smartphones.

The camera module

The highlights of the published render reveal a triple camera setup and an embedded wide-angle lens. That is excellent news given that the Google Pixel 4 and 4XL did not feature a wide-angle lens, and it showed.

It seems like Google focused its attention on the camera module, which is the ultimate advantage of any Pixel phone over the competition.