Bengaluru-Based Startup Pravaig, Comes Up with Tesla Rival, the Extinction MK1 !!!

The Indian automobile market is at its lowest, the tech is outdated, yet top-notch companies like Mahindra and Tata are striving for resembling the lost pride. But during these pandemic situations, a startup is coming out of hiding and is contributing to the rise of automobile standards in India.

Recently, Bengaluru-based startup Pravaig has announced an under-development EV, named Extinction MK1. Till now, questions like the arrival of Tesla in India were rising, but maybe after this startup getting setup, it could replace the immediate need of Tesla for India getting strong in the EV race.

The elegant, metal body look, with two-door coupe style, sets apart the Extinction MK1, from anything that runs on the Indian road. The front fascia is relatively low and features projector headlamps. It also gets a smooth LED strip that connects both the headlamps and makes the car look more modern than earlier. The test mule spotted recently was painted in white, and it attributes Pravaig badging on the hood. The side profile is beautifully dubbed to give a sporty look to the sedan. In the rear features slim all-LED taillights and just like the front, it gets a thin strip of connecting LED at the rear too with the Pravaig badging in the centre of the trunk. The blacked-out alloy wheels look stunning against the contrasting white paint of the prototype.

The startup has not released the powertrain details, but we can expect at least a 40kWh battery pack and least range of 300 km for making a stand in the Indian markets. For now, Tesla is far out of the equation, and the attention now goes to, the two-door coupe and it’s a response to Indian buyers.

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