Watch Twitch on Roku in 2021

If you own a Roku device and ever wanted to watch Twitch, you likely ran into a significant problem – There is no longer an official Twitch app for your Roku device.

Thankfully, there is a way around that!

If you still have an older version of Twitch installed on your Roku device, there is a little chance that it could work. Last year, some users reported that there is a way to kickstart the old app and make it work.

The method isn’t guaranteed to succeed, as a number of users reported that they couldn’t make the app work no matter how hard they tried.

Some people have a problem with the old Twitch app, namely that it doesn’t respond.

In that case, the only solution you can try is simply resetting/restarting the app from the device’s settings.

Unfortunately, that is your best shot at using Twitch in some way or another on your Roku device.

There is no longer any official support, and it is pretty annoying that Roku used to support Twitch, but then suddenly it didn’t anymore.

Considering how popular Twitch is, you’d think that Roku would be all in to support it.

The platform counts millions of active users, and it is used across the globe to provide access to different content, like esports tournaments and playthroughs of reputable pro gamers.

However, there is one reason why Roku may not feature Twitch anymore – Amazon purchased Twitch, and, as Roku is one of the main competitors to the Fire Stick devices, Amazon went all-out to cut off Roku, which, in return, affected numerous users.

Brian G. Davis
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