Capital One Shopping Review: How to Save Money, Time and Energy While Shopping Online

Online shopping has become one of the best choices for us, especially now, in this pandemic. But when you look for the best deals, online shopping becomes a nightmare.

But we come with an excellent solution for you: Capital One Shopping – the Wikibuy from the past. It is a free add-on that allows you to save a lot of money since it compares prices, applies promo codes and gives you notifications for the best deals when you shop.

  • So what is Capital One Shopping?

It is a piece of heaven that will help you save money. You can use it for plenty of websites, such as eBay, Amazon, Target, Sephora, Walmart, Barnes & Noble – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Millions of people have used it, and it has helped them save $70 million last year.

Here’s why Capital One Shopping is worth our time:

This browser extension can help you save time, money and energy, and you don’t even need to do that much. Just shop as you usually do, and the rest is for Capital One Shopping.

  • Add items to your Watchlist

When you are waiting for the best price on a particular item, you can add it to your Watchlist. That’s where you get all the items you want – like a wishlist. It is useful, especially around holidays. The add-on will have access to all of the items from the Watchlist for 60 days and will let you know if the price drops. This means you’ll never miss out on a great deal.

  • It will apply coupon codes automatically

It is safe to say that everyone loves coupons. Coupon codes will save you a lot of money, but isn’t it frustrating when you lose so much time trying old codes? This won’t be a problem with Capital One Shopping. The add-on will look on the Internet for coupon codes. And when you’re ready to pay, it will automatically apply the available codes to your shopping cart. You won’t spend countless hours trying to apply codes that don’t exist anymore or that are fake, and that is a life-saver!

Capital One Shopping will also apply the codes to help you get the best deal, especially if there are multiple working coupon codes for your items.

  • It gives you trending deals

Capital One Shopping comes with a way to show you the current bargains. You get “Features offers” and “Trending deals”, and you will get to choose limited-time discounts on different products.

  • It will do a product search for you

This add-on will take a look at numerous sites and will compare products from many retailers. You won’t have to lose time on any of that. It will take into account shipping, taxes and coupon codes. It will definitely take you to make the best and informed decision.

  • It will compare prices for you

Capital One Shopping will get you the best available price out there. It is, by far, the best feature it offers. So when you look for an item on a site, you’ll get a pop-up announcing to you that there’s another deal – a better one – on other sites.

The best part is that Capital One Shopping also looks at the shipping times and delivery costs. For this one, you will need to enter your ZIP code.

As you can see, Capital One Shopping is the best choice out there right now. It has these incredible features that will save you a lot of time, money and energy, and you’ll get the best deals on your items.

Lucia I. Turner
Lucia is one of the DellOne2One founders. She assists in keeping the site functional and organized for our readers.  She mainly covers PC gaming stories.