*BREAKING* Madden 21 Title Update #3 Notes REVEALED – Franchise Mode, The Yard, Face of the Franchise, Gameplay, Bugs & more

Madden 21 Title Update #3 is scheduled to go live around 10 September, per the most recent Gridiron Notes from EA.

The update will be the first major one after full release of Madden 21, and it covers tons of really important things.

Let’s go over the highlights!


In the next big Madden 21 update, we’ll have several major gameplay changes.

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This includes the following:

  • Fixed a pass rushing issue which prevented defenders from staying in contain when blocked by a running back.
  • Fixed an issue where contain players pushed the inside gap instead of their assigned outside gap with their pass rush moves.
  • Players without Strip Specialist will no longer cause fumbles on QBs standing in the pocket with normal sack animations in Competitive mode.
  • Fixed a motion issue where defenders would leave an open receiver in Nickel, Dime, and Dollar defenses facing Twins/Slot formation
  • Defenders will better cover PA plays across several bug fixes
  • Fixed tackling animations not working vs Juke and Jurdle moves
  • Fixed a logic when QB throwing arm is hit, preventing passes and forcing fumbles or tucking the ball
  • More risk for QBs throwing out of sack animations, where late forward motion will be more likely to cause a fumble
  • Higher rated receivers will now be less likely to have catch-knockouts against lower rated defenders

There are more fixes, and more could be added before the next Madden 21 update goes live, but these are the ones you’re most likely to run into right now.

Madden Ultimate Team

There’s plenty going on in Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 21, and we already have some great fixes for problems coming in Title Update #3.

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Here’s what’s to come so far:

  • Menu speed improvements for Madden Ultimate Team and quicker return from game modes
  • Speed improvements when interacting with players and items
  • Many smaller improvements to the MUT menu UI

Face of the Franchise

Face of the Franchise won’t get very much in the upcoming patch, but there’s at least some improvements.

  • Unspecified stability improvements
  • Fixed an issue where difficulty would reset to Rookie each game

Franchise Mode

Franchise Mode is receiving one of the promised Title Update changes announced in response to #FixMaddenFranchise.

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But so far, we don’t know which it will be.

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This will be announced in a new franchise blog coming “around the start of the NFL season”.

The Yard

Outside of general gameplay, The Yard will be receiving the most love in the next Madden update.

  • Frienderboards will be added, which highlight the highest scores of your friends on events
  • Fixed an issue where icons don’t appear
  • House rules will now correctly display in full
  • Fixed an issue where players see “Finding Teammates” after a session
  • Removed camera issues where objects could occasionally block view
  • Fixed an issue that allowed an extra play at the end of the game if the ball was fumbled out of bounds
  • General online stability improvements
  • General improvements for menu and interface

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