Is UFC 4 on PS5? Smart Delivery, Backwards Compatibility, Details, Pre-order, Trailer, and more

UFC 4 was announced with a bang recently, and people are already wondering if they’ll get the chance to play it on PS5.

Keep reading to find out the odds!

Is UFC 4 on PS5?

Officially speaking, there has been no confirmation that UFC 4 will be coming to PS5.

UFC 4 was announced for PS4 and Xbox One, much like its predecessor. But does that knock down future PS5 owners hopes of experiencing the title on next-gen?

Thanks to a few next-gen features, they may still be in luck.

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Backwards Compatibility

You’ve probably heard this term thrown around a lot with anything next-gen. A console having backwards compatibility simply means that it can work with older games, controllers, and more.

So, with the PS5, that would mean that it could play PS4 games (maybe even older version too).

It’s not been confirmed yet as to whether PS5 will have this feature for UFC 4. It is rumoured to potentially have backwards compatibility with select titles, but the full details are not confirmed as of yet.

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What about Smart Delivery?

Smart Delivery means that you can download a game on PS4, and automatically have it for PS5. This prevents people from paying for the same game twice.

However, again, there is no official news on whether the PS5 will support Smart Delivery for UFC 4 in particular.

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So with backwards compatibility and smart delivery a ‘maybe’, getting UFC 4 on PS4 looks like the best option even if you’re planning on upgrading to next-gen come Holiday 2020.

And if you want to guarantee your copy, plus some excellent in-game bonuses, check out our pre-order guide below.

Did we mention, you’ll get Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury as playable fighters if you pre-order!

Don’t miss out: Pre-order UFC 4 for PS4 right here!

WINNING! Unlock awesome cosmetics with your pre-order so you can celebrate in style!

UFC 4 will be released on Friday, 14 August 2020, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

We’ll leave you with the awesome reveal trailer. For everything UFC 4, from gameplay deep dives all the way to the best fighters, be sure to check back in with us.

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