Nintendo Switch Users Could be Getting a New Game from Capcom

Capcom has had a number of successful games out there but the most recent one that has got gamers’ attention and is an acclaimed success is Monster Hunter World. It was particularly well received by people that played it on PS4 and Xbox One. It is expected that the game’s number of players is going to rise with the release of the PC version as well.

What about Nintendo Switch?

It is expected that Monster Hunter World is not going to be available on Nintendo Switch any time in the foreseeable able but there is still hope as one studio is planning to change that.

The CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios is the one willing to change all of that and make Monster Hunter World on Switch a reality. Adam Boyes posted a tweet recently directed towards the team that created Monster Hunter World and in it he told them that he is more than ready to provide the expertise of his studio in order to help create a version of the game for Nintendo Switch.

The studio has some expertise in the porting field. They helped Bethesda port Skyrim to Nintendo Switch. Unlike Skyrim, which came out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011, Monster Hunter World is going to be way difficult to port onto Nintendo Switch but Boyes is ready for that challenge.

What does Capcom say

Capcom is indeed aware that people are demanding the game to be available on Switch but they state that porting the game to this platform would be very difficult for them as Nintendo Switch has a whole different set of specifications and functions that need to be met. On the bright side, Monster Hunter World has just become Capcom’s best-selling game so it looks like gamers are adamant on playing it no matter what.

Brian G. Davis
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