Nintendo Unveils New Portable Switch Console

Lovers of Mario, Donkey Kong and Link will soon have a more affordable option for their favorite video games to follow in their travels. Nintendo announced Wednesday a new version of its Switch console entirely dedicated to the portable mode.

As the Switch Lite is a portable console and not a hybrid console like the Switch, its features are slightly limited compared to its elder.

First, the Switch Lite can not connect to a TV. Second, she does not have detachable Joy-Con controllers. The controllers are directly integrated into the console, in a form reminiscent of the Wii U Gamepad, the PS Vita or even the Game Boy Advance.

These controllers are themselves slightly different from the Joy-Con. The four buttons on the left side have been replaced by a directional cross, while the infrared sensor normally below the right joystick has disappeared. Joystick vibration has also been removed.

Some games already on the market will not be compatible with the Switch Lite and others will require the purchase of additional Joy-Con controllers (and a charging station for Joy-Con).

According to Nintendo, all games suitable for portable mode already on sale will work with the Switch Lite.

To check the compatibility of a game, check the back of the case before you buy it. Three icons can be found: a TV, a console unfolded with the remote control, and a console in portable mode with the handles attached. This last icon indicates that the game is suitable for portable mode.

The Switch Lite will be launched on August 20, 2019 for $ 259.99, $ 120 less than the Switch.

Brian G. Davis
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