PlayStation 5: Will It Be Here Until 2021?

It has been some time since PS4 has been released, and we had no new hardware coming for us ever since then. The CEO of the company has confirmed that they are working on a new console, and we are eager to find out more. PS4 is still very popular, and it looks like fans are not getting enough of it. Song wants to make the most out of this console until they are releasing a new one.

So when is the release date?

The developer of the device, Sony, has not given any info with regards to this matter, but we are sure that we will soon hear about a possible date. As per the CEO of the company, John Kodera, the company will probably take its time on this one: we will have to wait sometime before getting our hands on the console. He has talked about this shortly after confirming that the PS4 is entering its final stage of “life”.

If we are to believe what Kodera has to say, we expect the console to hit the market in 2021. But industry analysts think that the release date will be announced earlier. We can expect it in 2020, and this is probably why the release of other games has been quite slim during the E3 event back in 2018. We have no definite release date for the console, so we are still waiting for an official statement.

As it usually happens with consoles, the makers are always trying to balance the performance and the cost. The success of PS4 is basically thanks to the performance of the third-party titles .there’s also the possibility that the gamers will get a less powerful device but with a better value to the customers. The specs were always fantastic with Sony. Right now, we expect an AMD Ryzen processor, an 8-Core Zen CPU, and a GPU based on Navi.

Brian G. Davis
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