YouTube Premium Lite To Come Without Ads At Lower Prices

YouTube is the biggest platform out there, there is no denying that. Everyone uses it, and everyone loves it. But people complain about the ads and how they are too intrusive and annoying. For that matter, YouTube has introduced YouTube Premium. And in order to boost the sign-ups, Google has come with a lot of offers for its users: free hardware or even unique features and premium videos.

But now, YouTube is looking for a new way to attract users. They are currently testing a lower-priced subscription plan in some parts of Europe. This subscription is offering ad-free videos and no offline downloads, background playback and YouTube Music.

The new YouTube Premium Lite option was first spotted in Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. The user who found it was trying to cancel the paid subscription.

What are the prices?

The plan will cost €6.99 ($8.32) per month – it’s the same price as the student tier. The normal price is €11.99 ($14.26). YouTube also wants to implement this in Denmark, Belgium, Norway and Luxembourg with the same pricing. As a comparison, Netflix costs €7.99 ($9.50) in those countries.

The page of YouTube Premium Lite says that you get ad-free for both YouTube and YouTube Kids across multiple devices – TVs, desktops and mobiles.

At some point in the past, YouTube has announced little surprises for users, including Google Stadia as a free product and great features, such as automatic downloads. But this service is not really that good for those who already pay for Spotify or Apple Music. Of course, offering more for less can be more appealing to people, and it could bring more users to the YouTube Premium Lite variant.

Brian G. Davis
Brian has passion for emerging technology and covers upcoming products and breakthroughs in the tech world. He enjoys testing the latest gadgets and apps.