Mercedes-AMG A 45 S and How It Has Almost 500 Hp

The Mercedes-AMG A 45 S leaves the factory with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with no less than 416 hp, making the hot hatch blisteringly quick.

The Mercedes-AMG A 45 S will have a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, with 416 hp. Those of you who need more power, we have good news for you. The German company called RaceChip comes with many upgrade packages for the Mercedes A 45 S, and there are plenty of reviews out there for it. The A 45 S has been modified to churn out 484 hp. For the 399 lb-ft (that’s 541 Nm) of torque at the flywheel, we get 400 hp for four wheels.

The car shows a weapon and is able to do an amazing in-gear acceleration. It can sprint from 62mph – that is 100 km/h – to 124mph – that is 200 km/h – In just 9.1 seconds. That is over 1 second quicker than a stock example. We know that sounds like a lot for a car, and it could be felt behind the wheel, we are sure of it.

Renntech is currently working on a modified A 45 S, which is bound to churn out 592 hp. They will do it with the help of a new turbocharger, a bespoke exhaust system, and engine software tuning. The car suggests some amazing levels of performance, and we cannot wait to see how that goes.

Can you believe that tuners would create, at some point, near-600 hp hot hatches? We still cannot believe it. But the demand is high, and people want it badly, so they start to make wishes come true.

Dan C. Canale
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