Samsung Will No Longer Support Galaxy S7 After Four Years

Right when Samsung released the Galaxy S20 device, the price tag made a lot of people sad about the Android version updates that the company has delivered. We knew the differences between Samsung and Google and how Google sometimes disappointed some people.  Samsung comes with four years of security updates for their phone, while Google comes with three. They need another year to be at their best, but Samsung is still a good company, that comes with great phones, and there is no need for us to reject that fact.

Why is Samsung good?

Let us take a clear example:  Verizon Galaxy S7. The device was released back in March 2016, and it received an update at the weekend. A four-year-old Samsung phone got an update. The update was only a security patch, but that’s four years of support. This has marked the last update for the Galaxy S7 line. Samsung has written some names off their list of devices receiving security updates: Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. We knew this would happen, just like this, around the 4th birthday of the phone.

So what should you do know with your Galaxy S7 phone?

If you’re one of those people who own a Galaxy S7, then we must say, they really did their job. You’re probably wondering what’s next now. Well, you’re asking yourself if you should stick with this Samsung phone, or if you should get something else that will still receive support, but we believe that you already know that Samsung will be here to deliver, at least when it comes to the security patches.

Dan C. Canale
Dan has been playing video games since he was a child. No wonder he made a career out of it! Dan attended a technical school where he learned the basis of creating video games. He enjoys covering the latest news in the tech industry.